講師奨励賞受賞!! おめでとう!!


“The Kind Girls”
(on the street,an old lady speak to Ai and Ayumi)
Lady :Excuse me? Where’s the nearest bus stop?
Ayumi :Bus stop? Ai,do you know where it is?
Ai :Well…..yes, I know. Turn left at the next corner. It’s in front of the post office.
Lady :Oh,I see.Thank you very much.Good-bye.
Ayumi :Wait a minuite.Your bags are big .
Ai :Aren’t they heavy?We’ll carry them to there.
Lady ;Oh, really ? How nice you are.
Ayumi ;Come on.Let’s Go.
Ai ;Yes,let’s!
(at the bus stop)
Ai ;Here comes the bus!
Lady ;You are so kind.Thank you very much.
Ayumi;Watch your step.
Ai ;Take care.
Lady ;Good-bye.
Ai ;What? We have her bags!
Ayumi;Oh,no! Wait! Stop going!