自由スキット・タイトル チーム名 メンバー
The Fire Works
Active Girls A Yuki Nakatani (中1)
Ikumi Sugimoto(中1)
What’s the Matter?
Active Girls B Kazuyo Takasu(中1)Ayano Fukaki(中1)
The Cute Boy
Powerful Kids A Kaoru Hagiwara(小6)
Mai Katase(小6)
Eat and Drink a Lot
Powerful Kids B Yosuke Motomura(小5)
Minami Hoshiya(小5)
Good Idea
Palm Kids Risa Kurashoma(小3)
Saki Matsumoto(小1)

そして、powerful Kids-B,本村洋佑くんと星谷美奈実ちゃんは、



みんなに うらやましがられました。

The Fireworks
── On the phone ──
Yuki : Hello.This is Yuki.
Can I speak to Ikumi?
Ikumi : Speaking.Hi,Yuki!
What’s up?
Yuki : Let’s go to the fireworks
this evening.
Ikumi : Good idea.See you later.

──At the fireworks──
Yuki : How beautiful!
Ikumi : Thank you.
You are beautiful,too.
Yuki : Yukata,geta,and
fireworks!This is Japanese
summer,isn’t it?
Ikumi : Yes,that’s right.Look!
Big fireworks!
Yuki : Oh,great!Beautiful!
Ikumi : How nice!
Yuki and Ikumi :Oh,no!
It’s raining hard!


2What’s the matter?
──Kathy is visiting Ayano’s house from New Zealand──
Ayano : Kathy, do you need
something else?
Kathy : Well, may I go to the
Ayano : Sure.(It’s hot today.
She wants to take a shower.)
Come, this way.
Kathy : Thank you.
Ayano : This is our bathroom.
Kathy :(Oh,no! I can’t find it!)
Ayano : What’s the matter?
Kathy : Well, I want….
Ayano : Oh, soap and shampoo.
Here you are.
Kathy : No thank you.
Ayano,where’s the toilet?
Ayano : Oh,I’m sorry.
It’s in another room


3A Cute Boy
── In the Morning──
Mai  : Hi, Kaoru!
Kaoru : Hi, Mai!
Mai  : It’s a beautiful day.
Kaoru : Yes. Let’s go to school
Mai  : O.K. Hey,
who’s that cute boy?
Kaoru : Oh, that’s Andy.
He is my new classmate.
Mai  : Really? Where is he from?
Kaoru : He’s from New York.
Mai  : Wow! He is so cool!
Kaoru : Well,let’s talk to him.
Hey, Andy!


4Eat and Drink a Lot
─At School Lunch time
Minami :I’m so hungry!
Yosuke :Minami,eat my pudding.
Minami :What?
Yosuke :Here you are.
Minami :Thank you.
Yosuke :Do you like orange juice?
Minami :Of course. But…
Yosuke :Here you are.
And eat my strawberry,too .
Minami :Yosuke,what’s the matter?
Do you have a stomachache ?
Yosuke :No.Eat and drink a lot .
By the way,this morning,I sat
on this paper craft.Is it yours ?
Minami :Oh, no!


5Good Idea
──At the Park──
Risa : Hi, Saki!
Saki : Hi,Risa! Let’s play together.
Risa : That’s a good idea.
What do you want to do?
Saki : Let’s swing.
Risa : O.K.

──On the swing──
Risa : I can swing high!
Saki : I can swing high,too!
Risa : Oh,it’s cool!
Saki : Yeah! I’m happy!
Risa : Me too. But…
Saki : What’s the matter?
Risa : I’m hungry.
Saki : Me,too. Let’s go home.
Risa : That’s a good idea.